A Rapier which draws the life-essence out of the people it wounds.

weapon (melee)

This rapier has two blades. One is a normal, black blade, made by Vecna himself, and the other is a bent blade, which is supposed to be a tooth of Orcus. On the handle there are four skulls, each of them fully white as opposed to the weapon being completely black.


The legend says, that this weapon will appear in an unholy place and whoever picks it up has to feed the weapon with new lifeforce, or it will draw the energy of the wielder. If the wielder gets rid of it, every undead and dead being will attack the former wielder until he is eaten and his soul taken into the depth of the Abyss or he recovers Lifedrinker and takes his punishment in form of massive loss of lifespan.

The weapon can communicate with it’s wielder, when he puts himself into a magical induced dream. The weapon usually whispers, has no sense of humor and resents his wielder as long as it does not see him as a worthy user.

Lifedrinker hates to be used against undead. As such, he will send his wielder signals with anger, if there are undead near, which are enemies. This way he is a relieable alarm-sign for undead.

The weapon was picked up by Lisiana, but since she was not good with Rapier’s she gave it to her fellow Swordmage Deriant Kaddim-Sul. As long as the two stay together, Lifedrinker won’t get angry.


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