The Rebellion


The rebellion is an organization formed to combat the evil kingdom Ikoss, which has started recently breaking the 4th Treaties of peace and attacking random and usually peacefull shards. The rebellion is led by the Tyl-Drassian prince Barracuda who vanished just a short while ago, while performing an important undercover mission in the outer chaos regions, with his ship the Blue Swordfish.

Camp 4

The rebellion was split up into 6 camps, from which only three remain, due to intense battles against all sorts of enemies, not just Ikoss. The most important camp is camp 4, which is set up on Forita, the everraining shard. Here is the place, where the players joined the rebels and it is lead by Hakur.

There are few more important people in camp 4. Most notable are Noruku, the gnome whos tactics lead countless missions of camp 4 to success and he also is head-scientist, together with Beriah Arahdan and The Unknown One on new developments of airship-technology and -magic.

The Rebellion

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